Thursday, June 22, 2006

Music, Man, Music!

Who would say they listen to music to help take their mind away so they can either do cardio? Who would say that they like to listen to music so they can get themselves pumped before lifting and listen to that music to keep the pump going? If you say yes to both, then you are not alone. I have recently started creating a website called My Training Locker, This site has a list of music that has been surveyed on to bring to light what music other people listen to. I wanted to capture cardio and weight training becuase those are the most common kind of exercises that people listen to music while doing. When I say listen to music, I mean that they are listening to their mp3 player. I own a Creative Lab MUVO 256Mb and I love it. There are no moving parts and it has create sound quality. Besides the fact that it has great bass, it also runs on a AAA battery which lasts for 16 hours. This eliminates the special battery and it also eliminates the charging issues that some battery manufactures have had when a battery is incorrectly charger.

Getting back to My Training Locker. This site provides a compiled list seperated out by artist and track that is currently being used by many other people exercising. To see more tracks of music just suggest them and you will see more.