Thursday, June 21, 2007

Americans are spoiled

I recently had the oportunity to travel to China for business. While I was over there, I had some questions to ask the locals about eating and exercise. First off, Americans are the largest consumers of soda in the world. Every meal that I ordered they offered some kind of soda instead of a bowl of soap which is what everyone else gets. I turned down the soda and got the soap because I wanted to experience their culture and eating habits.

All of the fruits, vegetables, and meat over there is mostly organic (disregard anything that is imported, not organic). Farms are all over the place. They do not waste any space whatsoever. There were farms right next to the landing field for my flight coming it. I also noticed that if their was an opening on the side of the road....there was a farm. (When I say farm I mean a greenhouse. I have a garden in my back yard and when I should it to the people that I was training, they thought I had a farm. So I am using that in comparison.)

When I was over their I ate nothing but the local food. I noticed that the food that I was eating was not that much and I was getting full off of it. It was so weird that I would eat a bowl of food that would normally make me want to get seconds, would actually fill me up. The book that I have been reading, tells me that this would happen and it is actually true. I wish organic food was not so expensive. I guess you would have to have a garden that would be all-years-round.

Listen to your body

When eating, have you ever noticed that you can eat a lot of food if you keep at it in one sitting and not take a break. Do you think that your body was made to do so or do you think that in nature, your body is use to eating little and then taking breaks to find the next meal and/or the next spot to sit and get out o the way from something that could eat you.? Your body is not made to eat a lot at one time. It is made to eat a bit here and a bit there. No I am not a doctor and no I am not a nutritionist. From some of the research that I have done I have concluded that that the human body is not made to sit down and get full. It was made to eat a little here and there because in nature that is what it had to do to survive. Just do a comparison to squirrels, deers, tigers, and any other animal out their and none, except for house hold animals, eat three meals a day. We force our eating habits onto dogs and cats so they are excluded from the study.

You have probably heard about the six meal diet which says to eat three meals that are small but full of protein, carbs, and fruits and veggies; and three meals that are based on snacks….healthy snacks. This diet is also known as just grazing which is to mimic the eating behavior grazing animals like cows, goats, etc. This diet is great, but they have only limited the feeding down to six meals which in my opinion should be more because the body then has to put itself back into storage mode. If you notice animals in the wild, they are eating a little bit and then eating something again shortly after unless they are going through a famine which their bodies then place itself into storage mode. My opinion and this is only my opinion, we should eat about a cup of food slowly every hour thereabouts. This would ensure that we get the food that our bodies only need and not want. This would mean that the food would have to be prepared prior too or you would have to buy something really small.

With the small amount of food consumed and the frequency that the food is eaten, the person will not be hungry and not full. This will eliminate the storage factor to kick in and have the body go into storage mode.