Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Week Down and No Sweats!!

Well, I am down my first week of being on the "wagon" and I have not had any sweats. I have eating once late at night but that was Friday night and it was not very much food. I have been using coffee as my late night snack and as a filler for when I want to have that ice cream or cookie. Since it is about 5 calories per one cup of coffee, I am not counting how many I drink especially when I am using it to replace the need for sweats.

On Wednesday, I weighed myself and I was at 229lbs and had 21% body fat. My goal is still 200lbs or about 10% body fat. Amanda and I were talking about quiting the YMCA again and we still have a hard time justifying it for me and kids. I mean that we were talking about getting rid of it because we don't use it that much for the kids and I use at least three times a week. I would like to use it more with the kids for swimming or something else.