Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Racquetball Rules!

Today was the first day in a long time that I played racquetball. I was able to win the first game as 15:10, but the next I lost 13:15. It was a great game and I was glad that I was able to find someone to play racquetball with. I wanted to get some cardio into my work out and was able to find something that is going to stimulate my mind but also give me a hell of a cardio run. You know it was a great workout when your right rib is hurting.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Under the Weather Sucks!

I have not made a single post in the last week. I had some kind of illness that kept me dehydrated and also very weak. It started with me on Monday and it was not until Friday (today) that I felt better.

This thing hit me hard. I mean my burps smelt like rotten eggs and if I thought I was going to sneeze or pass gas, I ran to the bathroom. I could not do any lifting at all because I was worried about the effects. So I stayed away from the gym and I tried to go to bed early every night. It is sometimes hard to because I have kids and I try to keep up with my chores around the house.

Some of the other symptoms were gas and a poor appetite. Like I said, this thing sucked.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Don't Skimp Out On The Work

The title should say it all. The one thing that I see in the gym that people lack in is, work. I see people on the elliptical machine going at a relatively slow pace. Then I see others on the tread mill just walking the entire time at, again, a slow pace. In order for your body to actually burn fat and calories, the person needs to actually perform some harder work in order to get the heart rate up. If you are not getting the heart rate up, then you might as well just stay home and sit on the couch.

I caught myself starting to take the easy way out and just do some little walking here and there and also do some lifting at a relatively slow pace. Last Monday, I started to kick it back in gear again and I actually feel pretty good from it. I have a pain in my right heal so I am not able to get back into jogging but I can still do cardio on the elliptical machine.

Just remember, do the work and the rewards will be overwhelming.

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