Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Using Products To Lose The Weight Part 2

I keep seeing and hearing people say that “Oh I drink this stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I lose the weight.” How is that a way to live? I mean, I count my calories to help me lose the weight and I am eating fine. Once I am down to the weight that I want to be I will stop the extreme calories count and go to just maintenance of my weight. Because I now know what to do I am not worried about it. But this “not worrying about it” will only happen once I have reached my goal weight.

The reason why I am talking about this is because I over heard a lady at work here say that she is drinking Advantage Supplement Drinks so she can lose some weight. She would not eat a banana, orange, or apple which was provided at our training session because she said that she doesn’t want to ruin her diet and that there are too much sugar in the fruit. WHAT THE HELL!? Fruits and vegetables have natural sugars that, I think, should be used instead of actual sugar. I was eating oranges and bananas and I was satisfied with only 240 calories taken in for those two items. It was a great source of fiber and also a good sweet satisfier. Because of the fruit, I didn’t eat the pastries that were there.

I wish more and more people would just think about how things were when we did not have “Drinks” and other products to help us lose weight. Go cave man when you are eating and you will realize how sweet fruits are and how great tasting veggies are.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Make money for blogging

One of my reasons as to why I have started a blog was to make money and also document my thoughts as I was trying to lose weight. I just found one way to make some money and that was by submitting posts on subjects that I have interest in and was able to document my two cents. The site is called get paid to blog. This is my first post on that matter and I am going to see how easy it really is. I see people on this site make about $19k just for writing about stuff. To make that kind of money for just being able to write about topics would make me just ecstatic for the opportunity. I heard about this from stumbling upon a blog from my blog-rush membership and they had this on their site so I thought I would take a look and see what the whole deal was about. The site is very user friendly and it seems to be lagit so that is exciting. I hope I am privileged to the “opportunities” that cover health and fitness because then I would be blogging about things that would not pertain to this blog what so ever. We will see if I get paid to blog or not.

Now, if this does not let me get paid to blog then I will let everyone know about it and I am sure they would love that kind of advertisement. I will give them a fare chance to wow me and if so, you might hear more about this.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Losing Weight Like an Engineer Should

I am now down to 251lbs which is one pound away from my first goal of 250lbs. The reason why I have been losing weight so consistantly is because of my food selection, counting calories, eating 6-7 times a day, cycling my calories, exercise and weight trianing.

As you know I am an engineer and in being one I analyze my numbers everyday, from my calorie intake (total and portion size) to my weight that I am lifting. I make sure that I also supply the demand as it is necessary. Because I eat 6-7 times a day, I make sure that I have consistant numbers for my calorie intake per portion per meal. Now, their is one varient that I look at that is not consistant to engineering practices and that is cycling my calories. Because the human body is so adaptive, I change my calorie intake for a couple of days and then go back to my normal intake. This allows the body to ramp up the metabolism and then use that momentum to burn on the days that I am at my low calorie intake days. This allows the body to then burn the fat and nothing else which is evident after two days of eating at high calorie rates and then dropping down. About one to two days later I will lose another pound or two...awesome.

I will be talking more about using lean six sigma on weight lose and also JIT processes for food intake.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Using products to lose the weight

I was talking to a guy at the gym and he was talking to me about all of the stuff that he wants to buy and currently using to lose weight. He rattled off three things that he is taking which he relies on everyday and I just thought to myself that if he spent that money on healthy foods and more natural alternative, he would lose weight. So many people are dependant on chemicals to do the job quicker and easier with little to no work. Sometimes this makes me sad to know that the world will eventually become weaker body and mind and become the end to our world.

Eating Slower for Smaller Meals

After eating seven meals a day, my stomach has shrunken down so much that I cannot at all eat what I use to. So what I suggest is to eat slower and enjoy the taste of the food when you are out. This way you will fill up on less food like you are suppose to.

Modular Eating

Like I have said before in the past, I am an engineer and I like my data so I can measure performance and progress. I am also a father who enjoys playing with my children. I do not have time to measure and analyze the food that I eat to maintain my calories. I rely on canned tuna potatoes and measuring cups for oatmeal. I also do pre-measurements so I can then grab a grapefruit or egg and know the calorie content so I can just write it down and call it a day.

Keeping to a modular rule on food and simple measurements will keep you on track and also accurate to a degree of plus or minus 10%.

Eating Out and Feeling Like Crap

After eating healthy and whole foods, a couple of days of eating out only made me sick to my stomach. We went on vacation which lasted for 7 days. I enjoyed every bit of it but eating out can really take a toll on a person’s stomach which is used to eating whole foods and not fatty greasy food.

Calorie Cycling

I am still learning about calorie cycling but it seems almost straight forward enough. You want to start this cycle by eating over the maintenance calories that will allow you to maintain your body weight. Then after those ten days are done, go five days on 500 calories under your maintenance range. Then after those five days are done, eat two days at above your maintenance range. The reason why this works is because your body ramps up the metabolism when you are eating above your calories range and then when you go down in calories your body is still ramped up and using your fat as fuel. But don’t stay under calories to long or your metabolism will stop and start storing calories which turn into fat.

So to keep this simple, eat whatever you want for ten days. Then on Monday to Friday, eat 500 calories under your maintenance range. Then on Saturday and Sunday eat above your calories range but not to much.

Gazelle Edge

Who likes to use an elliptical machine? I know I do and enjoy the random setting for terrain. We also bought a Gazelle Edge…lower model for $74.00 plus shipping and handling. My wife uses it because she is light enough I am a little over the weight limit. It is so nice to have because as it’s ability to fold up and store away. It folds down flat and rolls to the place that you want to store it…very nice. It does not have the adjustable tension so you can make it a uphill workout or a down hill workout. You are able to lean forward or backward to increase the workout on your legs or arms. The nicest feature of the gazelle is that fact that it is so quite to use. I can barely hear my wife on it while I am watching TV.

Fat Monitor - Omron Fat Monitor

I just bought a Omron Fat Monitor so I can see where the weight is being distributed. I have been losing weight and am now at 254 which is a total of 16 pounds lost due to my diet. I am also lifting so I wanted to see what muscle is being created and what fat is being burned. Using this monitor is so user friendly and compact, I use it ever morning to measure my body fat percentage.
If you have not learned by now, I am a person that needs the data to support any activity to find consistency and potential areas for improvement. Data data data….I need it.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Having the Energy

While being on this diet, I have had so much energy. Before I could easily could take a nap. Now I find it hard to be tired duing my childrens nap. I also have had a sense of hyperactivity do to my amount of energy.

FYI: I am on vacation and I have been eating as I should and eating my six plus meals is really making me feel like crap. Tomorrow I am going to eat more sensible.