Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Weight Loss - It's good for you but it's not.

I was at the fair just yesterday and being the good self controlled individual that I am I had some cheese curds, shaved ice, and a funnel cake. Yes I know, this is not healthy nor is it good for me. The only alternative that my wife and I saw at the fair was corn on the cob. Now, if anyone who normally watches their weight goes to a fair, that normally happens once a years, sees the option of fried cheese curds or corn on the cob (which they eat at least once a week)....they will go for the unhealthy option and reason the choice because of its annual occurrence.

But the reason of this post is because of the conversation that overheard of two big people eating corn on the cob after they prepared it. I witnessed them plunging the corn into a bucket of melted butter and then dowsing them with salt. While they were eating the corn they mentioned on "how good this is for us." "We should eat more of this corn because it tastes great with the butter and salt." I just about died laughing. They just took corn, high in nutrition and natural flavor, and brought it down to a bucket of melted butter and salt. If they keep consuming that corn in the same manner, they will have some major heart problems in the near future let a lone increasing the weight problem.

People misunderstand the point of eating healthy and good for you over cosmetically covering the potential healthy item to turn it into a transporter of high calories and fat. Cosmetically covering healthy fruits and vegetables, with fatty and high-caloric makeup to improve the taste, will only increase their weight, decrease nutrition, decrease energy, and increase heart problems in the future. I said "decrease nutrition" because the ratio of healthy : non-healthy increases on the "non-healthy" side which decreases the ratio to good side.

Why not just speed things up by drinking a bottle of ranch or french dressing which will make it easier on your bodies digestive system.

At the end of the day as far as eating "healthy and good for you foods" use any enhancements with moderation and not to mask the fruit's and vegetable's taste.