Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I can talk myself into eating and doing anything.

I just wish I could talk myself into doing the right thing and keep to it. This last weekend, I talked myself into eating alot of fried chicken, ice cream and cake, and even more ice cream during the week, which really pissed me off because I was working on not eating anything like that but I felt I should because I was hungry for sweats. I have been really good for the last couple of days and I hope I can keep this up for the next 30 pounds. I really need to just keep my head down and get the job done because I know I will keep the weight off once I have hit my goal.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Been good all this week, 237!!!!

I have dropped down to 237 which makes me feel like I am back in control of my weight loss. I have been determined on my diet and am trying to keep my portion size down as much as possible.

Though I have not been weight lifting I feel like I still have some of the muscle still, but I can't wait for the winter hours to come back so I can lift all over again. I am feeling a little stiff which I am trying to stretch every morning and night. I think I will also try to get a stretch session in during lunch.

I have to schedule a physical appointment and see what they recommend for my hip and as a stretching regiment.