Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Trained for Work

I had to travel to San Jose, CA for a training session for work. This would be my second time to California and I was looking forward to the trip for some rest and relaxation. Well the rest did come except the relaxation did not. Here is a quick run-down of what happened to and from San Jose: 1) My first flight was three hours late. 2) My luggage was late by five hours and damaged. 3) United will not reimburse me for the luggage (cheap bastards). 4) The class had a 2 hour delay due to damaged projector. (Projector fell from the ceiling twice.)

The only two things that went right was me booking the flight, through
BEyONd THE MAP, and getting sushi at a local restaurant across from my hotel. The sushi bar was awesome. They had some great food that really hit the spot. They also had warm sake which can be sweet but also extremely soothing on a stressful day. The sushi was also great and great in protein. Every bit of it just melted in your mouth and especially the salmon. The protein count in sushi is much higher than you realize. Just think about it. When you eat salmon it is typically cooked which is responsible for burning away some of the protein content within the food. So by eating it fresh and raw, the protein content, omega 3 fatty acids, and everything else about salmon is much higher.

Monday, October 08, 2007

My Chemical Romance - Teenagers Scare The Living Shit Out of Me

Sweet song that says a lot of highschool.