Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Plantar Fasciitis

For the last 6+ months, I have been having a huge amount of pain within my left foot. It started with both feet hurting and then I went to China to give training. I received a foot message over there and both feet felt great after that. I then played racquetball after that and my left foot started to hurt again to a point that it was hard for me to walk on my left foot. I had to stop lifting and cardio and concentrated on healing that one foot.

I have been meaning to go to the doctor and find out what is going on on that side. I went into the clinic and we took some x-rays and found out that nothing was wrong. All of the joints look great and the bones look very healthy. (That is what exercise and lifting does for you. Healthy, Healthy, Healthy) We did some more exploring of the feet and it appears that I have Plantar Fasciitis.
In short, Plantar Fasciitis is the tearing of the tendons due to overweight, intense use, flat feet, poor shoes, anything dealing with high strain with the feet. It can be avoided by stretching. Stretching is so important and I was not doing as much stretching as I should have and now I plan for stretching before any activity.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Depressed on the Rainy Days?

My family just endured another rainy dreary day. I am a father of two beautiful girls. They were both a hand full when we were in the house, but when we were outside. They were a lot better. At least the oldest was. It sure is true about getting older; you learn to deal with yourself in boring situations like staying inside when it is raining.

My daughters were very illed tempered due to the cabin fever that we had to endure since nothing else was going on and we didn't want to go to the closest major mall.....1 hr away. Try to keep your wits about you and try not to take it out on the kids, because they are going through it too.

Monday, August 13, 2007

CureZone - Educate Instead of Medicate

I stumbled across this site. It happens to have a lot of blogs and other articles dealing with nature cures and also natural ways to lose weight and feel great. There was one article that talked about using coconut oil to help you lose weight. I am still investigating the natural way to cure your thyroid gland and coconut oil seems to be the way to do it.

Click here to view the site.