Monday, March 01, 2010

Bedini Motor for FreeEnergy

I have been working on a Bedini Motor with a friend of mine to try to gain free energy. There are numerous motors out there being created to create over unity which is the act of creating more energy than consumed. The motor that we are making is from scrap material from the trash or garbage that I am able to salvage. I am person that likes to make something from nothing or close to it. It is more of a challenge to create something that works well from miscellaneous parts than to go out and buy all of the components. Here are a couple of pictures from what we were able to create thus far.

Here is my rotor which was used from crap pieces of wood for the structure and an old bicycle wheel.

Here is the coil and circuit. My friend made the circuit and I made the coil with the wire found from an electric motor from a dish washer.

The coil is the weak link so I am trying to devise a way to get the proper wire and also to wind it tighter than I did originally.

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